Monday, September 22, 2008

End of Goa

First off, I am sorry I did not keep this updated very well. To be honest, I was just too lazy to write in it. So here is my final entry.

As many as you know, I am now back home in SLC. I came back on Friday, Sept. 22. I came without telling anyone and showed up at home suprising everyone. It was quite an adventure.

During my final week in India, I left Goa to go to Hyderabad. Hyderabad is one of my favorite places that I served in on my mission. I started my mission there and ended there and also served there in the middle of my mission. I know that place very well and have a lot of close friends there.

After staying there for a week, a lot changed - and now I am engaged!

During my 2nd time serving in Hyderabad, I met a wonderful sister named Jhansi Rani and her brother Manohar. They became close friends of mine as we took them on exchanges and had many FHE's with them. They are the only 2 members in their family of 5 and their father just passed away this last year.

Well after the mission, Jhansi and I kept in close contact. We became very close friends. During my time in India, I had planned on visiting her again. Much to my suprise, while visiting her after the mission, my relationship with her changed. We both felt something special was their and she told me her feeling about how she prayed and its a long story that I'll have her tell later. So I figured I needed to pray and find out too, so after 2 days I did - and recieved an answer. And now we are engaged!

We are planning to get Married as soon as she can get her passport and I can figure out what I need to do to get her here. But right now we are set for some time around May 2009.

I will not be using this Blog as much, but I will make sure to let each of you know when and where this will be happening, and if you have any question please email, or post a comment here.

I love you all!



Heres a picture of her:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12th

Today I found my permanent place. It is a one bedroom apartment that is quite a good size. I have a kitchen, old fridge, 2 beds, 2 bathrooms, a couch and some chairs, and a nice Mother Mary Idol worship place. The landowner is Roman Catholic, as is everyone else it in Goa. She is very nice. She is old and has a really messed up arm. She really likes me and let me take the place for really cheap because I am Goan and Christian.

The only problem with the apartment is that it needs to be painted and she said she would take care of that. So I will not be living there until its painted, then I will move in. I am way excited to move into my own place. I feel bad I will not be staying with that other person, but this place is much nicer and fits my needs perfectly.

This evening we went fishing off the Mandovi Bridge, which separates the two peninsulas of Goa. It is quite a big bridge. We went with about 8 branch members, but only 3 poles and only one of them that actually reached the water because the bridge was so high. It was still pretty fun even though we didn't catch anything.

Monday, August 11, 2008

August 5th - 11th

Dear Family and Friends,

I can't believe I am back in Goa again! Wow what a trip it was to get here. I will try to keep this short, because there is so much to write, but don't worry I will still keep it complete too!

First off,

Tuesday, August 5th. I flew out of SLC in the morning to Chicago. The flight was on time and everything was going smooth. I sat next to two nice ladies who were Roman Catholic, traveling from Seattle to Chicago. They were very nice to me and were very interested in my life, especially about my adoption and going back. We arrived about 10 minutes early in Chicago, which was a great relief because last time I flew here I was in a great rush and it was really crazy because the airport is so big. I was supposed to have an hour delay in Chicago but it ended up being almost an hour an a half. So i was getting a little nervous, because in New Jersey I was only going to have a 50 min layover, including boarding time. So I knew it was going to be another rush to the gate (that I had no idea where it was). We finally left Chicago, on our way we almost hit a plane flying in the opposite direction as us, it was about 500 feet away from us, which isn't that close but to us passengers it was really close. Luckily i was looking out the window and got to see it, it was pretty sweet. Well the rest of the flight was good, but we ended up arriving in NJ ONE HOUR EARLY! I don't know how it happened but that was a huge relief again. Now thinking I would have plenty of time to get to my gate. Well, it wasn't so. Because we were so early, the airport was really backed up so we had not gate to get off the plane. We ended up waiting on the plane for over an hour.... I was really freaking out now. Soon as I got off I started asking everyone where my gate was for my next flight, and found out it was on the opposite side of the airport.... just my luck... Anyway, long story short I made it, and a great flight to New Delhi. When I arrived in New Delhi it was about 9 pm Wednesday there and I found out later my luggage didn't make the rush from NJ to the plane to India. So it was still there...

Well I made it to the place where I was going to stay for the next two days and it was pretty rainy in Delhi, which is very rare. Usually its the hot season here, but not this year. On Thursday I walked a lot, found a place to email my family to let them know I was okay. Then I went to the Church there to go to the bathroom, which was really needed. Then I went out to the main road there at the bus stop and sat there for 3-4 hours just talking to random people. It was really fun. Then after that I had to go to the airport at 4 pm. I sat there until 10:15 pm when finally they got my luggage for me. That was not as fun but still I enjoyed. I love being in airports, I meet so many random people and its really fun to hear their own stories and such.

Friday, 8-8-08, at 2 pm I flew out to Goa. It was by far the scariest flight I have ever been on. The weather was terrible and I really thought we were going to crash because of the turbulence and rain and high winds. But I made it safely at around 4:30ish pm. Then took a taxi to my branch presidents house. But the taxi driver when the backside way so I forgot which turn off was his house. So I just guessed and he was in a hurry so I told him to stop and I got out. About 30 seconds after he left me and my luggage, it started raining. So I went to the nearest house and waited under cover for an hour. Then when it lightened up I started walking around until I found it. It took only about 20 mins, so it wasn't too bad.

Saturday the 9th: Got my hair cut, super short :D Found a place for me to stay. Its with a new church member named Yogesh. Hes about 30 years old and has a flat with 2 beds. Its really cheap rent, so I agreed to it. It will be nice to be with a church member and its cheap until I get a job. I only plan to be there for a month. I still haven't moved in, I am still at my branch presidents house still but should be going tomorrow to this place.

Saturday night was probably the funest nights I have had is so many years. The branch president has 3 daughters and we decided that we should go play soccer in the rain that night. They called some friends and we took a small car, about the size of a GeoMetro and stuffed 7 girls and me in there. We went to a place called Campal and played for a long time. It was so much fun. It was really muddy and raining like crazy! When it was really late we decided we were in trouble because we were so muddy and didn't know how we would get back home because we couldn't get the car all muddy. So we walked to my branch presidents shop hopping he had a hose, which luckily he did. So we washed off the mud and stuffed back into the car. It was really a blast! We have one picture and I will try and get it and post it here, I know you will all love it.

Sunday the 10th: Church was just amazing. There was quite a few new members, a couple of new families. Santosh, Trupti and Sarvesh were all there and way excited to see me. Trupti is still leading the music, that I taught her how to do, and she gave a wonderful talk. Santosh blessed the sacrament and now has the Melchizedek Priesthood. And so does his brother Sarvesh, and he gave the closing prayer. It was very spiritual and such great emotion to see how much they all have progressed.

Ana has had some problems with family and such, I still haven't gone to see her and her family but I will go this week. Hopefully, I can help her become active again. She still continues to have many trials even though her husband has expired. She is just really accident prone.

Monday the 11th: I got my cell phone set up mostly. Today it should be all finished. I got to ride a motorcycle for the first time. I didn't drive, but was offered to, but I was too scared. Someone at my Branch Presidents shop is going to teach me soon though. Once I have a cell phone and a way for people to contact me, then I will be able to search for a job. I have lots of people church members who have very good connections and are already searching for me.

So far, life is going great! I love it here so much. Its so fun to be back and to see so many people who still remember me. I love the people here and I know I will enjoy it as life goes on.

I will try to be more frequent in updating this blog. Recently, as you can tell, life has been quite crazy. I am sorry this one is so long, it could have been longer too! The rest will be much shorter and I will try to add pictures too when I get them.

I am very grateful to Heavenly Father for helping me get here safely, and for all things to be working out. Even though there has been some interruptions. All has gone well and according to plan overall.

I love you all. Thanks for your support.


~Jordan Barr~